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Astro Controls was founded in 1975 in Hoofddorp. It all started in a small basement, but has grown into one of the most important partners in Dutch mechanical engineering. We have been offering solutions for the use of the most beneficial technical components for more than 45 years.

In order to meet the request of the market, our product range has expanded enormously over the years. Our factories are carefully chosen. That's why we can offer products with a technological advantage compared to the competition. 

Our sales team consists of technically trained personnel who understand your application well. This way we can come up with a solution that can improve your machine. Moreover, we work closely with our factories, which means we have a wide solution range. Additionally, our factories are willing to look at any adjustment or new product that meets your wishes and specifications.

Do you have a question or a challenge for us? Please feel free to contact us, and find out how we can help you!

Astro Controls is your partner for technical components in the automation industryYou can think of the following products:

  • Pneumatic components: pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic tire cylinders, grippers, air bellows and air cushions
  • Electric Actuators: electric cylinders with rod, electric rodless cylinders with screw or belt drive.
  • Pneumatic accessories: fittings, pneumatic pressure regulators, pneumatic filters, hoses, flow control valves, etc.
  • Fluid components: microdosing valves, liquid valves, ball valves, etc.
  • Vacuumcomponents: vacuum valves, venturi pumps, foam plates, conveying pumps and suction cups
  • Shock and vibration isolation: hydraulic dampers, steel wire springs, viscoelastic dampers and again air bellows
  • Oil and gas components in Stainless Steel 316: solenoid valves with ATEX certification, overpressure protection, pressure regulators, filters, needle control valves, check valves, etc

Did you know?

Astro Controls was founded in 1975 and since then we have built up a broad customer base in the automation industry. We also use the experience we have built up to provide you with appropriate advice.

A management buyout took place in 2009. Before, Astro Controls was part of the ITT company, manufacturer of the Enidine shock absorbers, among other things. The people in our company are therefore extra involved in properly handling your application.

Astro Controls is active on the Dutch market in a wide number of industries. This includes large and robust components in heavy industries, such as the steel industry, to precise and compact components in the semi-conductor industry.

If you are nearby and want to discuss a project or a possibility, you are welcome at our office during business hours. If you want to be sure someone is there to help you, please give us a call first.


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