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Mission and vision

With our mission and vision we describe the guiding principle of what we want to achieve as a company and how we are going to implement this.


Astro Controls is a professional Solution Provider with over 40 years of experience. We offer a unique product range that adds value. With innovative and high-quality products, we are your partner for optimizing your machinery and achieving better returns. We do this for both the 'big' boys and the smaller players in the Netherlands. We are just as committed to an innovative start-up as we are to a company that has been around for 40 years. Finally, we take into account current trends within our country and can therefore advise on making specific components more sustainable.


We want to realize our mission by being a specialist in our field. We achieve this by having technically trained staff in-house and by always staying informed of innovative products and innovations on the market. We also have short lines of communication with our suppliers and we regularly follow training courses with them. We enter into discussions with the supplier when our project has a specific challenge. These short lines of communication generally mean that a solution can be found quickly. By offering both standard and customized products, we have a suitable solution for almost everything. With our passion for technology, we see every project as a great challenge and think in possibilities and solutions.

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