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CO2- reduction

7500 tonnes less CO2- emissions.
16 GHw energy savings.
90% less planned maintenance.

Take a look at the LinkedIn message below from Imerys S.A., about the built-in MAC Pulse Valves. 

Savings on compressed air leads to CO2 reduction

Reduce CO2 emissions and save compressed air on your dust filter installation! Many industrial companies use compressed air, which is often one of the larger chunks on the energy bill. With the Mac Valves Pulse Valves you save compressed air on dust filter installations. The energy saving comes from the exceptional pulse the pulse valve provides to inflate and deflate the filter. It is worth using compressed air sparingly, and make use of the residual heat in favor for your company.


Electrical vs. Pneumatic cylinders

Are electric cylinders better for the environment than pneumatic cylinders? The electric cylinder consumes approximately a total of fifteen times less kWh compared to a pneumatic cylinder per year. This consumption translates into CO2 emissions of 2.5 tonnes and 155 kg per year. Research also shows a evident saving on operating costs, when decided to replace pneumatic cylinders with electric cylinders. Curious about our range of electric cylinders?

The Netherlands is obliged to reduce CO2 emissions. Astro Controls can be of service to accomplish this!

Production is in full force in the heavy industry. More than 22 percent of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands come from the industrial sector (source:CBS). To achieve the desirable CO2 reduction in industrial sector, a major transition from our existing energy sources towards a new system is required. CO2 emissions must be halved by 2030 and reduced to zero by 2050. Moreover, saving energy creates a win-win situation. Energy costs drop, and fewer emissions are emitted. This means you'll save costs and our precious environment. Astro Controls supports and provides insight into the possibilities regarding energy savings in your company. More information