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Airwork is an Italian manufacturer and part of a large enterprise group. They have UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and has been active in many industrial areas for 25 years. With a modern and proven design system, an always up-to-date and powerful machine park, dedicated lines for assembling and testing products thanks to the highest standard of detection and quality control, they are a reliable partner. They are mostly well known for their Airwork pneumatic cylinders.

Airwork products

In their catalog, you will find four product families: pneumatic cylinders and actuators, valves and solenoid valves, air handling units and accessories. The cylinders comply with ISO 6432, 15552 (ex 6431) and ISO 21287 standards, no matter the size. 

Besides, they have a wide range of cylinders for different applications. If you are looking for products that are not catalog standard, they are happy to make adjustments that meet your needs. In their product range they have valves and other pneumatic products, but cylinders are their core business. 

If you got any questions about the products of this producer, contact us. We are willing to drop by on any location, free consultation and enjoy to think along in practical solutions based on your specific question.

airwork pneumatic equipment