MAC Liquid Valve for precise and accurate dosing and filling of liquids

MAC Liquid Valve

Filling liquids with very precise repeatability? That's possible with the MAC Liquid Bullet Valve. The Liquid Bullet Valve is an electric solenoid valve that is suitable for precise dosing and filling liquids. This is possible for both small and large flows. The innovative technology that is already used for the Bullet Valve®, is now also used for the fluid valve. That means that the switching times are both precise and repeatable. As a result, liquids are filled with exceptionally precise repeatability. Would you like to know more about the technique of the MAC Liquid Bullet Valve? Please click here for the full article.

New developments…

We can already give you a glimpse of the new developments of our manufacturer. Meanwhile, the next electrically operated valve already extensively tested. Moreover, this valve has not only been developed with a large bore, but also precise dosing without dead volume. In addition, we offer many more beautiful products. Not only innovation, but also quality is of paramount importance to our manufacturer. 

Advice on buying Liquid Bullet Valves

Firstly, Astro Controls is happy to offer you personal advice and then develop MAC Valves your customized fluid valve. Together we look at the possibilities in terms of design. Realizing ambitious ideas? We love a challenge! Please contact us and request a demo or introduction meeting.

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