Miniature Valves

Miniature Valves

Mac Valves offers everything possible as miniature valves. The MAC Valves 31 serie was already unique with a pitch of only 6 mm. But with the cartridge valves of the MAC Bullet Valve the options are even bigger. These miniature valves use direct solenoids for fast response times. Due to the unique design of the Mac Bullet Valve, the valves create a high flow in a small package.
The Mac Bullet Valve is available in different sizes, which you can see on the productpage.  The 7 mm upto 10 mm are the small valves for easy and compact assembly. The Mac Bullet Valve is available in 2/2/ and 3/2 option. The miniature valves are all balanced on all ports and therefore the same valve can be used as normally open or normally closed valves.


Mac Valves is specialized in pneumatic valves. Mac Valves wants to be challenged to develop new products. Right now there are already millions of options on the valves from Mac Valves. The stroke of the Mac Bullet Valve is adjustable to create every flow possible. Beside that all parts are build inside, so is every voltage and wattage combination possible. Because Mac Valves keeps adding new options for projects, every project could create a new option that wasn’t available before.
The valves from Mac Valves offer a solution for every application. There are for instance already latching valves to reduce energy consumption. Also valves have been developed with low noise for applications where the valves are near people. But the most important thing is that the valves have a lot of options for the materials and rubber compounds. This way the valves can be used for gasses that need special metals, plastics or rubber compounds.

Bullet Valves

Different sort of Mac Bullet Valves

Also for pure gasses and liquids

For dangerous gasses and liquids, it’s also an option that Mac Valves makes leak free valves. This way the valves are available for pure oxygen, because it can be flammable. Beside the valves can be used for water and other liquids. If there is a need for no dead space, MAC Bullet Valves can offer a solution. With viscous liquids and agressive lliquids, it’s important to select the right materials and rubber compounds. MAC Valves has already experience with a lot of different metals and plastics for the housing and different rubber compounds.

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