New update for Elfin

New end button for Elfin

Han’s Robot has given the Elfin a fresh new update to make it even easier to use and install the robot. At the end of the robot is now a LED Ring with easy buttons to control the tooling and the free movement. Beside that, there is chosen for a M12 12-pin connector with 3 Digital Inputs, 3 Digital Outputs, Analog connection and RS-485 in one compact connection.

Faster and more precise Robot!

The Elfin Robot was already one of the best of the class, but with the last changes, the Elfin will improve again. Because of better sensors in the motors, the speed from all joints can go up. Beside that, because of less play and the absolute encoders, a better accuracy and repeatability is possible. This way the typical tool speed goes up from 1 m/s to 2 m/s! Also the accuracy goes from ±0.05 mm to ±0.03 mm.

Watch all the details on the Specification page.

Watertight Robot

Beside that, the Elfin Robot is also one of the first Smart Collaborative Robots which is available in IP66. This extra tightness makes sure that the robot can be used in areas where liquids are present. This way the complex and non-durable sleeves are not needed anymore. The watertight robot makes it easier to have a fast and free moving robot in these environments. IP66 is completely dust tight and can be sprayed with water without intrusion. No water or other liquid can go into the robot, where with IP65 or lower this is still possible.

Buying an industrial Robot Arm

Astro Controls will help you to buy an industrial robot arm, here in the sense of a Smart Cobot. We like to think with you, to make sure that the robotarm fits exactly into you production. We look at the complete production, to make sure that we can advice how a cobot is best used. When the cobot has arrived, we make sure that robot arm works right and can be directly employed.

Do you want to know how a cobot can make your production run better? Contact us.