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Glass manufacturers

The glass made by the glass manufacturers are important products in our daily lives. The glass production are often split in three categories. Namely, technical glass, hallow glass and flat glass. We encounter all three shapes daily in a various range of products, likeoptical fibers cables, glass bottles or windows. Even though products containing glass are abundant in society, the process to produce them is quite difficult to carry out. From finding high quality, but scarce materials, to working with high temperatures. For example, not every type of sand can be used for the production of glass. Personnel must also be taken into account as high temperatures are involved. This presents major challenges for both the employees as the production itself.

Glass manufacturers know that glass production depends on reliable processes and accurate measuring technology. After all, the product they produce must be exactly the same, every time. Astro Controls offers solutions that are tailored to the specific needs in the glass industry.

Machine parts in the glass industry

We supply high quality components to the glass industry. Want to know how we can help? Schedule an appointment via or contact us to talk to one of our specialists.