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Industrial clamps

Clamps are often used to span products to process them. Sometimes, these industrial clamps are manually operated. However, there are also electric and pneumatic variants. In metalworking especially products are clamped. Pneumatic clamps are also used for transporting products, such as sheet material. The advantage of a clamp over a gripper in this case, is if the air pressure disappears, the clamp holds the product.

Pneumatische Klemmen PHD
Pneumatic clamps

Types of clamps

There are different types of clamps that in use. A list of the most common:

-Workholding Clamps. The work clamps can hold plates of various thicknesses while the plates are transported.

-Pin Clamps. These clamps are equipped with a pin. This can be used, for example, to secure products by pushing the pin through a hole in the plate. Or, the pin can be pulled through completely, so that the plate can be moved.

-Swing Clamps. The rotating clamps first rotate horizontally 90 degrees and are tightened. Hence they are installed more compactly.

-Arm over Clamps. These clamps rotate 90 degrees vertically and then clamp the workpiece.

-Number Cruncher. This special clamp offers the option to press letters and numbers into metal with great force. In addition, it can bind metal together for other clamping applications.

Clamps in the industry

Industrial clamps are used in many industries, but are most well known is the automotive industry. The Workholding Clamps are used for the movement of the body panels. Clamps with ceramic parts are available for newest heat- forming devices. You will also find clamps in these industries:

-Plastic industry. Clamps can be used to clamp the mold or the plastic parts.

-Metal industry. Wherever metal is processed or finished, clamps are used to clamp the product in the work area.

-Fabric industry. Clamps can be used for clamping fabrics, such as leather or cotton.

Purchasing clamps

Astro Controls is looking forward to put its experience and knowledge regards clamps to use. Thanks to our focus on customization, we can always deliver suitable solutions for your applications. We are looking forward to support you.

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