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Airport is a trusted producer since the 1950s for many of the world's most prestigious manufacturers. From ready to order equipment, to client-oriented research, custom designed and made equipment. Their focus on Accurate Force Pneumatics has resulted in products that come in a variety of designs – from high-tech equipment such as DNA analyzers, nanometer precision polishers and MRI-compatible medical robots to Stirling engines, HVAC duct dampers, International Space Station training equipment. But also simple kitchen scales.

Airpot pneumatic shock absorbers and cylinders

Airpot is known for the production of pneumatic shock absorbers and pneumatic cylinders with exceptionally low friction. They have three product lines: Airport (pneumatic shock absorbers), Airpel (cilinders with exceptionally low friction) and Airpel-AB (cylinders with air bearings). The unique design of these products allows you to perform precise movements through the cylinder with very gentle force on the product. Additionally, the shock absorbers can be used as Rate Control to regulate movements. The ISO 9001:2015 guarantees high production quality.


Friction-less cylinders
Pneumatic shock absorbers


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