(Nederlands) Astro Controls neemt afscheid van Sawyer

Alpen aan den Rijn – On the 3rd of October the sad news came that Rethink Robotics had to shut down its doors1. Astro Controls was partner of Rethink Robotics for the sales in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Rethink Robotics was a pioneer in the field of Collaborative Robots, with the goal to get robotics closer to the people on the production floor. One of the founders of Rethink Robotics, former Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT in Boston. His target was to develop a robot that was safer, easily accessible and more complete was. The aim was to develop software that was easy to use and learn. This way the people that were doing one sided work could be teached to become a Robot Engineer.

Rethink Robotics started with the Baxter Robot, a two armed robot, designed for development and education. With students from MIT is the software further developed and came the Sawyer Robot on the market. This robot was designed for the industrial market and had the best safety certificates available for the collaborative market to be used in a working environment without a cage. With the easy software, anyone could learn the software in one to two days. Therefore no expensive robot engineers were needed to change programs or for service.

The growth of the Sawyer after the introduction at the end of 2015 was like a storm and that went unfortunately together with problems to make investments. In the end the company was finalizing a sale, until the buyer pulled their offer at the last moment. This caused cashproblems and after making investments it made Rethink Robotics shut down its doors. As Astro Controls we’ve been very succesful with the Sawyer and we want to thank all our customers for the confidence. For Astro Controls was the Sawyer an addition to our program of technical high quality products. It will not have any influence to our Mission Statement. Excisting customers will receive as much support from us as previous.